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‘Handicapped’ brings out the rich, but unknown history of Australian disability activists starting in the 1970s and 80s who fought to create a more open society and began to shrug off the ‘handicapped’ label that had kept them down. Click here to buy the book.

What readers are saying about this book

“An invaluable record and what an adventure”.   Robyn Archer

“I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Handicapped’. You have such a gift as a writer and your emotional honesty about your life with Richard was heart-warming even though coming from the difficulties of life. The story of the way you both increased accessibility in Adelaide is such an important record of how relentless advocacy has to be and the toll it takes on advocates.”   Fran

 “A brave and beautiful story. Very moving”.    Viesturs

 “I have loved (treasured) reading these pages”.   Phyllis

 “A most incredible story. Richard obviously instigated many improvements for people with disabilities and many people would be grateful. Carers included. A remarkable achievement.”    Joy

 “Wow! I have finished your book. What a read it was! I think it should be made into a movie.”    Jacky

 “I have picked up your book again ….. and am getting even more from it than the first time of reading. I was proud of the way you both handled tricky times and always came back together. To overcome difficulties, that was the motto you both shared.”    Margie

“I finished ‘Handicapped’ last night. What a privilege to be able to share and understand so much of your life with Richard. It left me full of so many emotions, for you, for Richard, and also as a trigger to some of my own experiences.”    Cheryl

 “Powerful!  It felt like three books in one—a history of disability awareness/improvement in Australia, a love story, and a personal memoir.  My favorite was the personal memoir. So much pain and difficulty but enough strength and resilience and talent to climb through (and over) it all.”   A brave and beautiful story. Very moving”.    Maggie

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